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Raspberries Are Good For You

The Power of the Red Raspberry

  img img Studies have proven that consuming 150 grams of raspberries per day reduce the chance of Colon Cancer by 80%. NutraBerry leverages a proprietary manufacturing process helping channel partners to add nutritional value to their food products. It can also be sold as a stand-alone product for resale in powder form. This process unlocks the underutilized nutritional benefits inherent in raspberry seeds by making them available for digestion via a powder delivery system.

Raspberry seed powder can be added to liquids or foods, and allows for easy adjustment of dosage in order to reach the recommended amount of 150 grams per day in just 1 tablespoon – the equivalent of eating 1 full cup of raspberries!

Since Nutraberry’s Meeker Red Raspberry Seed Powder is virtually tasteless, it can be used as an additive in any food product. This powder can be added to ice cream, yogurt, flavored drinks, and even in nutraceutical products such as capsules, tablets, and other supplements!