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Nutraberry, founded in 2011, is founded on two principles:

Our products are all natural, but are the unused portion of the fruit. In processing the fruit for various uses, nutritious components are discarded. Our process of using these portions adds value to the fruit, to the farmers, and to our customers! On top of this, Nutraberry only sources seeds from domestics farms here in the Pacific Northwest, which allows us the ability to 100% trace the material from the ground to your home!

Our Meeker Red Raspberry Seeds are high in antioxidants! The polyphenol Ellagitannin is locked inside these seeds, and by converting these seeds into a digestible powder, we’ve unlocked this powerful antioxidant! The body converts these Ellagitannins into Elagic Acid, which has been shown in lab testing to aid in the prevention of cancer, provide anti-inflammatory effects, and reduce blood pressure. Research into this antioxidant is ongoing, and new benefits are continually being discovered!

Dr. Graham Allan met David Wishnick in 2010. In 2010 he partnered with David Wishnick and Barry Maas to continue this venture and to bring our product to market.


We are committed to quality and integrity in every aspect of our business. We aspire to create a transparent sustainable business that has value for local farms on our supply side, while creating value for our customers by increasing access to health products globally.


To provide our customers with the highest quality ingredients at a price that makes sense. In order to do this, we will adhere to the following Code of Ethics:
  • Obey the law
  • Take care of our customers
  • Take care of our employees and contractors
  • Respect our vendors